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Top Tip for 2021 Sellers: Don’t Break Out the Baubles and Tinsel Just Yet

In this three-minute read, we look at why people planning to
sell in 2021 should act now to take advantage of the traditional surge in
interest from serious buyers.

you’re contemplating putting your home on the market next year, there’s one
thing you can do right now to maximise your chances of getting a great deal.

you get carried away in a giddy rush of festive fever and adorn your house in
flashing lights and sparkly tinsel, take a deep breath and pause for just a

may be planning to kickstart the sale of your home in January – once the silly
season is over – but there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t wait.

reason is that traffic on property portals skyrockets on the days between
Christmas and New Year.

on Rightmove, for example, typically increase by around 230% between Christmas
Day and 2 January.

What drives this surge in interest?

well as being a time of celebration, Christmas is a time of contemplation; one
when many people make major life decisions.

folks decide – after hosting family on Christmas Day – that their home is too
small and they need something with more room.

finally get around to having a frank discussion with elderly loved ones about

festive season is also a time when couples commit to finding a “forever home”
together, or sadly decide it’s time to go separate ways.

their reasons for moving, buyers at this time of year tend to be highly
motivated. Smart sellers can take advantage of this by making sure that their
property is online in all its glory before Christmas Eve.

suggest that you instruct an agent now so that you have plenty of time to get
the photography, copy, floorplans and Energy Performance Certificate sorted in

No tinsel, baubles or flashing lights just yet.

brings us back to our recommendation that people in London who are
planning to sell next year hold off on putting the Christmas decorations up.
There are two good reasons for doing this and both centre around marketing

Reason 1

key to good property photography is getting rid of clutter. Property photos
aren’t family snaps. You don’t want buyers mulling over your penchant for
flashing reindeer or how many presents you have under the tree. Having lots of
personal items on show is a big no-no.

Reason 2

your property doesn’t sell before Christmas, the photos will look dated if they
feature wreaths, presents, and Christmas cards.

there we have it, get the photos done first and then go for broke. Deck your
hall with boughs of holly and bling up your Christmas tree, relaxed in the
knowledge that you’ve taken the right steps to ensure a prosperous New Year.

Here at Holland Properties, we want to help make your plans for
2021 a reality. Get in touch now for expert advice on how to make those dreams
come true.

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