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Wellbeing Wednesday – Looking After Your Mental Health

In this important two-minute read, we
look at six ways people in London can look after their mental
health and that of their loved ones as we head into winter.

In early November, a week after the clocks
went back, there was a spike in the UK's highest levels of acute loneliness during
the pandemic, according to the Office for National Statistics.

A BBC report claimed that the longer, darker
evenings had led to 8% of adults saying they were feeling "always, or
often lonely". This is a staggering 4.2 million people across Britain.

Now, more than ever before, it's essential to
note how we're feeling mentally as well as physically.

With mindfulness in mind, here are six ideas
from the Mental Health Foundation to improve your mental wellbeing over the
winter months.

Get Help – If you are struggling with debt or feeling down, seek
professional support and guidance.

Routines Work – Lockdowns play havoc with our schedules, so aim to create a
simplified one that works for you. Try to build at least twenty minutes of
exercise into your day.

Good Sleep Matters – A very important but overlooked aspect of good mental health is
getting quality sleep. Try reading a book instead of watching the telly before

Look for the Positives– Since the Pandemic hit, many things we took for granted have been
temporarily stopped. But new ideas and events have emerged like online book
clubs and Zoom pub quizzes. Many people are also finding a new purpose by
volunteering in their local communities.

Stay Connected– There may be restrictions around meeting people, but that doesn't
need to stop us staying in touch with friends and family. Pick up the phone and
call or text someone you like/love today.

Make Friends with Winter– The Scandinavians have become experts over the centuries in coping
with long, dark winters. Their approach is to make your home as comfortable as
possible and enjoy the time indoors to read, cook, reflect, and relax.

At Holland Properties we
see the big picture. And we know our community cares about more than just
property, so we love sharing articles like this and hope they help you or
someone you care about.

Thanks for reading and let's look out for
each other this winter.

PS: The
Mental Health Foundation has published some handy articles providing advice and
support for people who need it. Visit:

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