How to sell a property

Step by step guide for selling


    It’s a great idea to start preparing your property prior to putting your property on the market for sale. De-cluttering is very important before professional photographs are taken and will show the property in the best light.

    Some key points are important to ensure that your property shows the best:

          Clearly defined rooms – ensure each room looks like it has a purpose

          De-cluttering – try not to overcrowd rooms with big and bulky furniture as it can make the room appear smaller

          Use of storage – make sure that all items are put away in a kitchen and use the cupboards, make sure coffee tables are not overflowing with magazines, books etc.

    If there are DIY jobs that need doing then ensure that these are done prior to marketing the property for sale, a fresh coat of paint will make all the difference and ensure the garden is tidied and the lawn mowed


    Every homeowner wants to achieve the best price, but we don’t want to overvalue your property in order just to take the property on and its important that you should be wary of agents suggesting inflated asking priced just to secure your business. Your property could remain unsold for many months and may result in you accepting a lower offer than you would have originally accepted if you had brought the property to the market at the right price.

    We use our knowledge of both the areas specific market conditions and the number of active applicants looking for properties like yours to suggest an asking price and marketing strategy that maximizes the viewing activity on your property.

    If you would like to apply for an online valuation, please click here or contact our office.


    Always ensure that when you are choosing a local agent, choose one that is a member of the NAEA (National Association of Estate agents) to ensure that the highest ethical standard is followed. It is then important to understand how they plan to market your property; we use several strategies to show your property in the best light;

          Contact is made via telephone, SMS or email immediately when a new property is added all registered applicants are notified immediately

          Professional photography, floor plans and 360-degree tours

          Advertising on our own website and the following websites:

          As and when possible, we would also erect ‘for sale’ boards

    Most properties in England require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which details the energy efficiency of a property. Holland Properties can arrange for this to be produced on your behalf.


    You need to ensure that your property gives the perfect first impression, if it is a house it needs to create that ‘kerb appeal’, the outside is important for when a buyer first approaches your house so ensure the drive is clear, windows are cleaned and the garden is trimmed if required. Inside you need to make potential buyers feel at home, the property should be free of clutter and clean and ideally keeping lights on will give the impression of space. We accompany all our viewings and we will ensure we point out all positive features of the property as well as provide information on the local area.


    Once we secure an offer, we ensure that all offers are put forward either in writing or verbally and will provide as much information on the buyer as possible to include details of their financial position and chain details if relevant. We will provide the best professional advice and guidance on accepting an offer. We will endeavor to get the best possible price for your property.


    Once you are happy to accept an offer, you would need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor, we can offer recommendations for this if you don’t already have your own. Your solicitor will then send a draft contract to the buyers solicitor, you will also be asked to complete forms laying out what you intend to include in the sale such as fixtures and fittings and they will also need clarification and proof of any service charges and ground rents that you are paying.

    We will liaise with both you, the buyer and both sides solicitors throughout the process and assist where possible to move things along as quickly as possible.


    Once the buyers mortgage offer is received and the buyer’s solicitor is satisfied with the responses on any enquiries, a date for completion is set and exchange of contracts can take place. At this stage the contracts are signed by both the buyer and the seller, the buyer then pays a non-refundable deposit of usually 10% of the purchase price.

    Once contracts are exchanged, the transaction is legally binding.


    This is the final day when the property is purchased by the buyer, the outstanding monies will be transferred from the buyer or the lender to your conveyancer, who will deduct any fees, redeem your outstanding mortgage (if applicable) and transfer the balance to you. You will be required to vacate the property and hand over the keys to your property. The sale is then complete.